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Chris Avila '01

Chris Avila grew up listening to stories about “this great university in the Midwest.” The Texas native set his sights on attending the university his cousins had attended. Good grades, getting involved in community service, and participating in organizations at school and church landed him a spot at Notre Dame. His biggest supporter was his grandfather, who often said, “Si lo quiere, si se puede”—if he wanted it, he could do it. Avila’s greatest moment came when he showed... Read More

Colleen Case

Colleen Case '09

Colleen Case has a story she likes to share during diversity training. She speaks of her first rehearsal with Voices of Faith gospel choir. Coming from what she describes as a culturally sheltered rural community, Case recalls being nervous about the invitation to be in the choir. “I knew the organization was primarily black, and I didn’t know if I would really fit in,” says Case. “When I walked into the room, I was painfully aware that I couldn’t... Read More

Elaiine DAmato

Elaine D'Amato '92

From the age of five, Elaine DeBassige D’Amato knew she wanted to go to Notre Dame. “Nobody in my family went there, and I am from a small village in New Mexico, so I have no idea where I came up with this plan,” says D’Amato. When it came time to apply, her high school counselor would not write a recommendation for her, told her it was too difficult for her to get in, and that she should just... Read More

Katie Washington

Katie Washington '10

2010 valedictorian Katie Washington sees the concept of diversity at Notre Dame as being bigger than just the University. “As global citizens, we have no choice but to interact with people who have different views, values, and backgrounds from us. If we want to be global citizens, capable of facing challenges in new and exciting ways, we have to be able to engage people from different cultures and backgrounds.”

Washington is pursuing a master’s degree and a Ph.D.... Read More

Michael Wong

Michael Wong '96

  • President, Board of Directors, Notre Dame Alumni Association
  • Past Chairman, Asian-Pacific Alumni of Notre Dame
  • Principal at IBB Consulting Group
  • Respected corporate strategist assisting with the achievement of key strategic goals at clients including AT&T, BellSouth, Comcast, Time Warner Cable
  • B.B.A. degree in Accounting from Notre Dame, with focuses in Computer Applications and Public Service
  • Wife Jennifer. Daughters Sorin and Melina. Residences in Arlington, Va., and South Bend, Ind.
  • Youngest of three, from... Read More

Notre Dame is proud of its ever-increasing diverse population of graduates. The list of distinguished alumni includes the first African American valedictorian, 2010 graduate Katie Washington. The University supports alumni through the most extensive network of alumni clubs in higher education―serving 128,000 active alumni in 270 clubs worldwide.

The Alumni Association connects alumni, parents, and friends with each other, the University, and prospective students through Notre Dame Clubs, the Minority Alumni Network (MAN), and ND Women Connect. Notre Dame Clubs serve to bring Notre Dame alumni, friends, and family together with each other and the University through events and programs. There are opportunities for networking, community service, and support of current students through scholarship opportunities.

Alumni Diversity Council

The Alumni Diversity Council engages, recruits, and supports the University’s ethnically diverse students and graduates. The council brings together four independent alumni communities:

The council is led by a nine-member board, with one representative from each minority group and five selected at-large. This structure enables the individual organizations to maintain their unique identities while simultaneously providing a focused voice on diversity issues as a whole.

The council is a place to share best practices, streamline efforts to achieve Notre Dame’s vision on diversity, and support departments across campus, including admissions, financial aid, and academic colleges.

ND Women Connect

ND Women Connect gives alumnae the opportunity to come together for a number of spiritual, social, and professional events, in addition to community service projects and efforts to support the University.

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