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How to End Poverty: Evidence-based Impact + Centering Community

Kat Desai

LEO managing director, Heather Reynolds, recently guested on the We Are For Good podcast and took part in a lively conversation about her experience as a nonprofit leader and how that shapes her work with LEO. The episode, which is called "How to End Poverty: Evidence-based Impact + Centering Community" is available at the link below!…

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Sones de México Ensemble teaches students to write corridos

Alessandra Gonzalez

Students and members of the Notre Dame community came together for a corridos songwriting workshop hosted by the Institute for Latino Studies. The workshop was led by Juan Dies, co-founder of Sones de México Ensemble, a group based in Chicago. A corrido is a traditional Mexican song style with origins in northern Mexico and the southwest United States. It is...

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Novel study linking undocumented immigrants with primary care services significantly reduces emergency department use

Colleen Sharkey

Wilson Family LEO Assistant Professor Adrienne Sabety and a colleague from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) partnered with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to determine how access to primary care would affect both undocumented immigrants’ health and the use of emergency departments for routine care.

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Author Elijah Anderson discusses being ‘Black in White Space’

Chloe McCotter

The Institute for Educational Initiatives at the University of Notre Dame hosted Elijah Anderson, the Sterling Professor of Sociology and of African American Studies at Yale University, via Zoom on Friday (Feb. 4) for a conversation about his new book, “Black in White Space: The Enduring Impact of Color in Everyday Life.”

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Notre Dame-founded GEM Consortium advances graduate diversity in STEM

The Graduate School

Funded by partnerships with nearly 200 member institutions including top research universities, national labs and research-intensive corporations, the GEM Consortium is the premier organization that supports, through fellowships, highly qualified students from underrepresented communities who are pursuing graduate degrees in applied science and engineering. 

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In celebrating MLK Day, students consider what it means to be a ‘beloved community’

Erin Blasko

Walk the Walk Week, an annual celebration at the University of Notre Dame of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., kicked off Tuesday (Jan. 18) with a student-focused panel discussion titled “Walk the Walk: Building the ‘Beloved Community’ at Notre Dame” — a reference to King’s vision of a global community characterized by an all-inclusive spirit...

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