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How to End Poverty: Evidence-based Impact + Centering Community

Kat Desai

LEO managing director, Heather Reynolds, recently guested on the We Are For Good podcast and took part in a lively conversation about her experience as a nonprofit leader and how that shapes her work with LEO. The episode, which is called "How to End Poverty: Evidence-based Impact + Centering Community" is available at the link below!…

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Sones de México Ensemble teaches students to write corridos

Alessandra Gonzalez

Students and members of the Notre Dame community came together for a corridos songwriting workshop hosted by the Institute for Latino Studies. The workshop was led by Juan Dies, co-founder of Sones de México Ensemble, a group based in Chicago. A corrido is a traditional Mexican song style with origins in northern Mexico and the southwest United States. It is...

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