Corey Robinson: In My Own Words

Corey Robinson | August 31, 2015 


South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation, and it has a history that’s been largely defined by division. That’s what makes it such a fascinating place: A country that prides itself on unity and cultural diversity was for years defined by discrimination and hatred.

True to its rainbow nickname, South Africa has a unique mixture of culture and people unmatched anywhere in the world. In Cape Town there is everything from Dutch-inspired architecture to European-modeled fashion to American-style shopping malls.

In the Soweto section of Johannesburg there is poverty so extreme that orphans live without clean water and have to travel five kilometers to the nearest school. On a trip to South Africa this spring, I learned that sport has helped tie those two extremes together.

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Originally published by Daily Domer Staff at on September 01, 2015.