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Culture and diversity conference set for Oct. 31 and Nov. 1

The University of Notre Dame will host a national conference on multicultural psychology Sunday and Monday (Oct. 31 and Nov. 1) at McKenna Hall.

Sponsored by the Department of Psychology and the Multicultural Research Institute, theNotre Dame Conference on Culture and Diversitywill address issues of parenting, career and educational development, racial and cultural identity, and mental health of ethnic minority groups.

Prominent scholars of multicultural psychology will be featured, including:

  • Hardin Coleman, University of Wisconsin – Clinical psychologist, teacher, consultant, and writer on issues related to ethnic diversity and counseling, Coleman will make a presentation titledEnhancing Cultural Identity:Pathway to Minority Student Accomplishment.p.
  • William E. Cross Jr., City University of New York – Chair of the CUNY doctoral program in social-personality psychology, Cross co-authored a groundbreaking work tracing the development of black identity from infancy across the life span.He will give the conference keynote address, titledRacial Identity Research:Issues, Concerns, and Future Directions.p.
  • Stanley Sue, University of California, Davis – Distinguished professor of psychology and clinical psychologist, Sue examines the mental health of ethnic minority groups.His conference banquet address will explore what is known and not known about the mental health of ethnic minority groups.p.
  • Melanie Domenech Rodriguez, Utah State University – Rodriguez focuses her research on family processes in ethnically diverse contexts.She will discuss parenting practices of first-generation Mexican immigrants.p.
  • Lisa Y. Flores, University of Missouri – Co-director of the Center of Multicultural Research, Flores will discuss understanding and enhancing the career and educational development of Mexican Americans.p.
  • Sumie Okazaki, University of Illinois – Okazakis research focuses on understanding the meaning of distress reported by culturally different populations.Her presentation is titledExperience, Expression, and Family Socialization of Social Anxiety Among Asian American Students.p.
  • Jean Phinney, California State University, Los Angeles – An expert on ethnic identity and its role in psychological well-being, Phinney will present a talk titledEthnic Identity:Development and Contextual Perspectives.p. p. For more conference information: .Register online for theNotre Dame Conference on Culture and Diversityat:

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Originally published by Jacqueline W. Bingham at on October 24, 2004.