Small acts of great love

Carrie Gates | August 15, 2016

Emily Vincent With Qi At Chunmiao Little Flower In 2013

Before he was two weeks old, baby Xiang had been abandoned, twice.

First by his mother shortly after his premature birth. Then by doctors at his local hospital in central China.

Xiang was fighting a respiratory infection, losing precious ounces, and struggling to breathe. Doctors tried for 10 days to stabilize him, but they ultimately concluded there was no hope. They disconnected the baby’s ventilator and discharged him.

His orphanage requested help from Chunmiao Little Flower, a nongovernmental organization in Beijing that cares for abandoned babies with complex medical issues. A Chunmiao Little Flower staff member came to care for the baby in his final hours.

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Originally published by Daily Domer Staff at on August 15, 2016.