Student Stories

Notre Dame endeavors to be a place where each student can grow individually in both mind and heart, and become a part of something larger than themselves. By celebrating the unique gifts each student brings to our shared community, student life is enriched immeasurably.

The stories below share just some of the ways Notre Dame students are celebrating and taking advantage of the wonderful diversity on our campus – through both scholarship and development and formation outside the classroom.

Studying youth participation in Colombia’s peace-building movements

Carrie Gates

The young people of war-torn northern Colombia want their homes and their lifestyle back. Displaced from their villages by guerilla and paramilitary groups, they have spent the last 10 years in urban centers—making them prime targets for recruitment by those same criminal enterprises. But rather than falling prey to a violent cause, they’ve founded a successful peace-building movement. Notre Dame...

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Heidelberg exchange program promotes research training

Gene Stowe

Through Notre Dame International, the University of Notre Dame and Heidelberg University have established a collaboration in which students from Germany have taken classes and conducted research at Notre Dame since August, part of an ongoing, broad collaboration with Heidelberg University that was established in 2104. Alex Dimmling and Lennart Schleper, who both finished their bachelor’s degrees at Heidelberg last...

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Father Jenkins reflects on past, present and future collaboration with Brazil in São Paulo speech

Notre Dame News

In a speech at the American Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo, Brazil, University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., discussed the importance of Catholic education in an era of corruption and injustice, the University’s vision for growth in the country and its research related to the Zika virus.

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Inaugural Ursula Williams Faculty Fellow develops hybrid Chinese language course

Anne Daly

The Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures has partnered with the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning to offer the Ursula Williams Faculty Fellowship. The fellowship connects foreign-language faculty with technology experts and supports research to help faculty members determine which technological tools are most helpful in language classrooms. Chengxu Yin, associate teaching professor of Chinese, was awarded...

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Next steps in our journey of purpose; beyond Walk the Walk Week

Cidni Sanders

What does it mean for the Notre Dame community — its students, faculty and staff — to be doers, not merely speakers or hearers, of the call to Walk the Walk? As the campus paused January 18-22 to reflect on the values central to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the mission of the University, several speakers outlined possible next steps...

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SBA focuses law students on their mental health

Lauren Love

Notre Dame Law School students last week participated in morning yoga, pet therapy, and a seminar focused on the power of positive thinking. According to Notre Dame’s Student Bar Association, the events are part of a larger weeklong initiative that aims to educate students about the mental health challenges particular to law students.

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NDLS student groups host panel on immigration law

Lauren Love

Three immigration attorneys visited Notre Dame Law School recently for a panel discussion on various immigration issues and challenges. The panel included Aimee Heitz, directing attorney at Indiana Legal Services, Inc., Immigrants’ and Language Rights Center, Michael Durham, ’01 J.D., solo practitioner at Durham Immigration Law, and Rudy Monterrosa, ’01 J.D., solo practitioner at Monterrosa Law Group and adjunct professor...

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The strength of leadership

Anthony DePalma

By any measure, Father Theodore M. Hesburgh’s influence on higher education — both during the 35 years he served as president of Notre Dame and over the many years after he retired — was oversized: broad, deep and enduring, touching everything from athletics and academics to the very essence of what makes a modern university, especially a modern Catholic university....

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Enrollment Division establishes Matriculate chapter

Dennis Brown

The University of Notre Dame’s Enrollment Division has established a Matriculate chapter on campus. Founded in the fall of 2014, Matriculate is a college-access organization based in New York City that helps high-achieving, low-income high school students make the transition to college by pairing them with advising fellows at leading colleges and universities nationwide.

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ESTEEM program inspires Arts and Letters majors to be innovative entrepreneurs

Brian Wallheimer

Take the skills liberal arts majors already have — analysis, communication, creative collaboration, critical thinking. Now add intensive training in business and entrepreneurship. That’s a recipe for success, according to College of Arts and Letters alumni who have gone on to Notre Dame’s Engineering, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master’s program (ESTEEM). 

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Notre Dame faculty discuss the right to vote

Lauren Love

While Americans tout the right to vote as the cornerstone of democracy, a number of states across the country have recently passed measures making it harder for citizens to vote. Studies have shown these new rules — including voter identification laws, voter list purging, and cutting into the number of early voting days — have disproportionately affected low-income and minority...

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