Team Irish Award Winner: Congratulations to the Building Bridges Mentoring Program!

Building Bridges Team

The Building Bridges Mentoring Program assists the University’s underrepresented student population to succeed academically. The primary goals of the program include helping students develop skills to communicate effectively with faculty, assisting students with the selection of a major, as well as academic and career advising.

One student has this to say about the experience, “Building Bridges had a major role in my path towards graduate school because of the guidance from my faculty mentor and peer mentor during my first year. With their help, I was able to get involved in research quickly in a lab that I loved.” With the guidance of these mentors, of the most recent graduating class of Building Bridges, 89% of STEM majors conducted research before the end of their sophomore year and 91% of business majors interned with a company before they
were seniors.

Thank you to this extraordinary program which helps students navigate the institution, assists them in exploring their career path and ultimately in succeeding in their endeavors! Congratulations to the Building Bridges Mentoring Program on winning the Presidential Team Irish Award.

Building Bridges Mentoring Program Team:

  • Arnel Bulaoro
  • Iris Outlaw
  • Yvette Rodriguez
  • Paige Jackson
  • Sue Pawlicki
  • Darren Davis
  • Corey Angst
  • Dianne Pinderhughes
  • Agustin Fuentes
  • Martijn Cremers
  • Ron Metoyer
  • Mary Galvin
  • Brian Coughlin
  • Erin Hoffman Harding
  • Richard Pierce

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The Presidential Team Irish Award recognizes staff teams who have exemplified the University’s Core Values of accountability, teamwork, integrity, leadership in excellence and leadership in mission during a significant accomplishment, collaboration or initiative.

Originally published by Anna McKeever at on September 12, 2019.