Toward a more sustainable future

Audrey Miles

Growing up in a suburb of Cleveland, Audrey Miles dreamed of being a writer. Then a high school teacher introduced her to the so-called central science.

“I had a really excellent chemistry teacher who made a huge difference,” she said.

It may have helped that, like writing, chemistry seeks truth and understanding from within.

“It was so fascinating to get down to such a small scale and learn about the way the world is built and works,” Miles said. “It made me curious about even the most everyday things.”

A chemistry major with a concentration in computing and a supplementary major in theology, Miles, who is a Glynn Family Honors and Goldwater scholar, will pursue a master of philosophy in nuclear energy at the University of Cambridge next year as a Churchill Scholar.

Following that, she will continue her studies at the University of California, Irvine, as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

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Originally published by Erin Blasko at on May 15, 2023.