English professor Ernest Morrell on why powerful, equitable literacy is essential

“What we need in the 21st century is not just literacy, but powerful literacy, and we need it equitably,” said Ernest Morrell, a professor of English and the Coyle Professor in Literacy Education at Notre Dame.

Morrell has authored eight books in the areas of literacy and education. His research examines how children can move beyond basic reading and writing abilities by analyzing and producing media in ways that allow them to engage meaningfully with the world. As director of the Center for Literacy Education in the Institute for Educational Initiatives, Morrell is working to enhance school curricula by connecting students to academic research opportunities and to their local community’s culture. 

“The practices around literacy in your own neighborhood and community are just as powerful as the literacy practices in school, and hopefully we begin to bridge that gap,” said Morrell.

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Originally published by Todd Boruff at al.nd.edu on September 05, 2018.