Video: Meet FTT major Zuri Eshun

“Being a film major, I knew I wasn’t going to be constricted to one way of learning or one way or thinking or one way of performing,” says Zuri Eshun, a rising senior film, television, and theatre (FTT) major in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters.

The Department of Film, Television, and Theatre offers one of the most unusual academic opportunities at Notre Dame through the seamless integration of critical studies and production coursework. The curriculum provides the intellectual breadth and rigor that one would expect in any humanities major alongside courses that teach the practical skills of film, video, and theatre production.

“You really get the opportunity to be your own person and to create your own education within that program,” says Eshun, a native of Conyers, Ga. “That’s why I chose FTT.”

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Originally published by Arts and Letters at on May 29, 2013.