2018-2019 Progress Report

The President's Oversight Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is charged with providing oversight, fostering accountability, facilitating communication, and coordinating initiatives across the University as Notre Dame seeks to build an even more diverse and inclusive community. It achieves this end by ensuring that initiatives are underway; establishing achievable and measurable goals for the University and the various units; and monitoring progress toward these goals. Below is a partial list of these initiatives for the 2018-2019 academic year.


  • Formulated hiring guidelines for colleges and schools
  • Administered Faculty Experience Survey, with 60% response rate
  • Launched ND Boost program for associate professors seeking promotion to full professor in the next three-four year window; topics include planning for promotion, self-advocacy, time management, mentoring and writing productively
  • Hosted Sr. Kathleen Cannon Lecture Series
    • Dr. Valerie Ashby, Duke University, on Imposter Syndrome
    • Dr. Sabrina Agarwal, University of California, Berkeley, Frailty, Thy Name is (not) Woman: A bioarchaeological perspective on bone loss, strength and aging.
  • Hosted 5-Part Panel Series : "Five Pillars of a Holy Cross Education and Inclusive Excellence"
    • Heart: Discerning Our Personal Vocation in Service to the Church and World 
    • Mind: Seeking Understanding Through the Integration of Faith and Reason
    • Family: Embracing Christian Community as the Context for Lifelong Formation
    • Zeal: Fueling the Desire to Offer Our Gifts for the Good of All People
    • Hope: Trusting in the Cross and God’s Promise of the Kingdom
  • Snite Museum sponsored two major exhibits: 

For more information, please visit https://provost.nd.edu/academic-community/diversity/.


Undergraduate students

  • Conducted comprehensive assessment of Notre Dame’s campus climate, the Inclusive Campus Student Survey,  administered to all undergraduate and graduate students
    • In  Fall 2018,  results were shared publicly, student-led focus groups were conducted, and list of action items generated and communicated
  • Trained a critical mass of students through four-hour greeNDot Bystander Intervention Training within the undergraduate residence halls with almost  1000 students participating
  • To ensure students from other or no faith traditions feel welcome, information about Catholic traditions was created and more widely shared
  • Descriptions of the University’s mental health, disability accommodation, and harassment reporting resources shared with faculty to add to course syllabi
  • Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) offered diversity and inclusion training for Student Government leaders on fighting racial microaggressions
  • MSPS hosted more than 1,000 first-year students through Moreau First Year Experience course
  • MSPS hosted an event featuring the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter social movement, Opal Tometi
  • Opened the Family Resource Center, an office to provide support services to married, parenting, and/or pregnant students to ensure all families thrive at Notre Dame
  • Modified curriculum of Moreau First Year Experience course on cultural competency, and updated training for instructors around fostering inclusion within the classroom

For more information, please visit https://studentaffairs.nd.edu/about/diversity-inclusion/.

Graduate students

  • The Office for Postdoctoral Scholars supports an active Postdoc Women's Committee which fosters an environment of support, provides opportunities for networking, mentoring, and community, and promotes professional development
  • The Office for Postdoctoral Scholars meets with international postdocs, which make up nearly 60% of the postdoc population, every other month to address issues specific to them
  • Increased graduate applications across following demographics (% change from Fall 2016 to Fall 2019)
    • Women (all) 18%
    • Asian (US) 23%
    • Black (US) 23%
    • Hispanic (US) 38%
    • Native American (US) 8%
  • Relocation assistance pilot program for international students is being created
  • Student Life grad assistant Marisol Fonseca Malavasi completed a project researching and revising the greeNDot Bystander Intervention Training curriculum to address discriminatory harassment in addition to power-based personal violence, and to make the materials and training scenarios more inclusive of graduate and professional student experiences
  • Grad Life invited MSPS staff to train Graduate Orientation Ambassadors on cultural competence, implicit bias, and how to show genuine hospitality to a diverse group of new students
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) is funding our project for the second year in a row. The funded project titled "Advancing Women Leaders" will expand our leadership program designed to support graduate and postdoctoral women on campus.  The program's primary goal is to prepare women of all disciplines to lead effectively.
  • Developed a workshop on career development tailored to the unique needs of international students, which will launch May 16
  • Offered a series of professional development workshops related to diversity and inclusion, including:
    • Building A Network of Mentors
    • Turning Feedback into Forward Motion
    • Making the Most of Your Scholarly Web Presence
    • Critical Conversations
    • Serving Up Knowledge: Mentoring
    • Serving Up Knowledge: Ethical Leadership


  • Continued Diversity & Inclusion Competency training across campus
  • Increased Diversity & Inclusion programming and attendance, through Speaker Series and Discussion Series with events such as: 
    • “Civil Political Discourse- Is this possible in the current political climate?”
    • “Black Lives, Blue Lives, All Lives; do we have to choose just one?” 
    • Walk the Walk Week Unity Summit
    • Presentation by Peter McDonald, Sr., Navajo Code Talker 
  • Hosted Regional Diversity Officers Luncheon to share best practices, challenges and successes
  • Established Diversity Practitioners Group, cosponsored by Provost’s office and Multicultural Student Programs and Services,  to improve climate, share resources and promote upcoming activities 
  • Hosted quarterly Black Ecumenical Prayer Service for faculty, students and staff of all ethnicities
  • Continued to increase Notre Dame’s presence on targeted diversity job sites, career fairs and outreach

For more information, please visit https://hr.nd.edu/about/hr-staff-directory/diversity/.