Train and Learn

As a university community committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, Notre Dame provides a number of educational and enrichment activities outside the classroom for faculty, students, and staff.

Below is a selection of training programs and learning opportunities. Whenever possible, links are provided for more information.

Provost's Initiative on Faculty Mentoring

The Office of the Provost sponsors faculty participation in the Faculty Success Program, a 12-week mentoring experience offered by the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity. The online program, facilitated by tenured faculty, is designed to equip faculty with the skills and strategies necessary to increase research productivity, promote effective time management, and maximize work-life balance. All full-time assistant and associate professors are eligible to apply; women and other minority applicants are especially encouraged.

Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) Seminars

The Office of the Provost, the Graduate School, and the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning support faculty participation in the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum. The SEED curriculum helps colleges embrace varied faculty, staff and student experiences in an effort to transform the diversity climate and offer a more inclusive educational experience.

The Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) Seminars began at Notre Dame in 2012-13. Each academic-year-long seminar consists of six to eight three-hour sessions followed or preceded by a shared meal. Sessions typically include preparatory work ranging from reading articles to reading a book and reflection and writing on the session’s theme. As of May 2018, seven year-long SEED Seminars have been conducted at Notre Dame. In those seminars, 112 participants explored, in depth, topics including: gender, privilege, race, racism and oppression, sexuality, religion, religious privilege/oppression, education, class and classism, structural/systemic sources for bias, The Curriculum as Windows & Mirrors, and The Danger of a Single Story.

Faculty Workshops on Inclusive Excellence

Notre Dame faculty, department chairs, deans, and other academic leaders have access to an ongoing series of Inclusive Excellence workshops. The objectives of these workshops are to:

  • Promote the use of recruitment and hiring practices to enhance diversity and inclusion
  • Increase awareness, sensitivity, and understanding of our own assumptions and unconscious biases
  • Increase understanding of how to build a welcoming environment for our students, faculty, and staff

Workshop descriptions and registration information can be found at

Staff Multicultural Competencies Training

All vice presidents and senior leaders in the Office of the Executive Vice President are currently participating in training on cultural competency, micro aggressions, and benefits of diversity. To date, more than 400 new employees at the University have also participated in the multicultural competencies training during new hire onboarding. This training segment includes awareness, skills, knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs developed to interact with and better serve diverse populations. The University also offers a multi-day workshop on multicultural competencies that presents Notre Dame’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan; defines diversity, inclusion and multicultural competencies; and features interactive discussion on their benefits to Notre Dame.

Residential Life Staff Training

All residential staff—including rectors, assistant rectors, and resident assistants—participate in mandatory training related to topics of diversity and inclusion. Intensive training occurs prior to the start of each academic year and through in-services during the year.

Building Community the Notre Dame Way

All incoming first year students are required to participate in “Building Community the Notre Dame Way” programs over the summer prior to their arrival and through dedicated sessions over Welcome Weekend. Programs include online modules and assessments that cover topics such as appreciating the diverse individuals who make up our community, forming healthy relationships, being safe on and off campus, and providing information and prevention skills for high-risk topics.

The Moreau First Year Experience Course

A one-credit, graded course offered in both the fall and spring semesters, the Moreau First Year Experience Course integrates academic, cocurricular, and residential experiences of new students. The course, which is codirected by First Year of Studies and Student Affairs, assists students with the transition to Notre Dame as well as with development of lifelong habits of the mind and an engagement in faith, service, arts, wellness, and community. Outcomes of the course include assisting students in becoming aware of and engaging with diverse communities as well as helping students understand the complexity and expectations of the Notre Dame community.

Summer Internships

Human Resources, Student Affairs, and Auxiliary Operations Food Services are partnering with INROADS, a nonprofit organization in Chicago that develops and places talented underserved youth in business and industry, and prepares them for corporate and community leadership. Notre Dame students are participating in the program through summer internships.

Hiring Game Changers Workshops

This recruiting workshop provides leadership and staff involved in hiring with a framework for using multicultural awareness, skills, and knowledge to reduce bias in the hiring process, from prospect identification and recruitment to interviews and onboarding. This workshop also provides a step-by-step road map for a departmental diversity recruiting plan, complete with resources and tips.

Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS)

This office works with students—as well as faculty and staff—to ensure that Notre Dame is a place where everyone can flourish. Among its many programs and University-wide activities, MSPS focuses, in particular, on offering multicultural students the tools to make the most of their college experience, and prepare for meaningful and rewarding careers.

Gender Relations Center

The Gender Relations Center offers events and programming designed to engage women and men in respectful dialogue and to help build a community that fully honors the human dignity of each person. The GRC promotes moral formation of students consistent with Catholic identity, mission, and values in an effort to create a healthy culture at the University of Notre Dame.

Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry offers many spiritual opportunities and multicultural resources for the campus community, including Masses, retreats, and fellowship groups.

Career Center Programs

Notre Dame’s Career Center is dedicated to providing support for students in the area of diversity and inclusion. The center staff includes a diversity and inclusion specialist who assists student clubs with career programming and workshops, advises employers on diversity-and-inclusion recruiting practices, and acts as a liaison between the Career Center and departments on campus dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion.