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Diversity and Inclusion at Notre Dame

As a Catholic institution of research and scholarship, we embrace an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion coupled with academic excellence in all facets of our community, from students to faculty to staff to alumni.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is best illustrated in our efforts to increase diversity in both the student and faculty ranks. Through an environment of inclusion, we are working toward fulfilling the promise set forth in our Diversity Statement

Our Community

Our students come from all 50 states and every corner of the world, bringing with them richness in life experiences and an eagerness to learn, grow, and share. Our faculty are enriched by a climate that nurtures scholarship and excellence, and our staff members can claim they work at one of the Great Colleges to Work For, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.




Kanika Travers

Kanika Travers

Rochester, N.Y., native Kanika Travers felt a little like an outsider when she came to work at Notre Dame. The catering and events manager at Legends of Notre Dame says that she was “a misfit Yankee” trying to fit into an environment in which she knew very little. But... Read More

Rudy Reyes Jr., M.T.S. '03, M.A. '07

Rudy Reyes

For Rudy Reyes Jr., the University’s Director of Foundation Relations, working at Notre Dame seems to fulfill a destiny that was postponed. Reyes, a native of Corpus Christi, Texas, had dreamed of attending Notre Dame for much of his young... Read More

Darren Davis

Darren Davis

Professor Darren Davis says that his interest in the Catholic character of the University attracted him to Notre Dame. The professor of political science and psychology and the associate vice president for research explains that a large part of his research deals with issues of peace, public opinion, political... Read More

Rachael Banks

Rachael Banks '11

Rachael Banks experienced diversity from a very early age when she traveled abroad. It was then that she fell in love with many different cultures. “Coming back to the U.S., I think it’s important for each person to have a global, and by that I mean diverse―culturally, ethnically, and... Read More

Eras Noel

Eras Noel '12

Eras Roy Noel III had a major influence on his decision to attend Notre Dame―the Introduction to Engineering camp he attended on campus in 2006. The mechanical engineering and industrial design major says it gave him the opportunity to be a student for three weeks. “I was taught by... Read More

Kevin Park

Kevin Park '12

Before college, Kevin Park ’12 described himself as “reserved,” keeping company with people whom he felt most comfortable―other Korean Americans. But that changed when he arrived at Notre Dame. “I told myself that when I went to college, I would meet all kinds of people and really expand my... Read More

Lexie Perreras

Lexie Perreras '11

For Lexie Perreras, the benefits of a diverse campus are about more than just the differences between people. “It can be a very unifying experience to see what we share with and how we differ from others,” says the psychology major. Perreras was introduced to the Notre Dame community... Read More

Kara Strass

Kara Strass '11

Biology major Kara Strass ’11 visited several colleges before choosing Notre Dame. She eliminated many of the other institutions because she just didn’t feel that she would fit in. “When I came to Notre Dame, all the students I met were so friendly and seemed to love it here,”... Read More


Chris Avila '01

Chris Avila grew up listening to stories about “this great university in the Midwest.” The Texas native set his sights on attending the university his cousins had attended. Good grades, getting involved in community service, and participating in organizations at school and church landed him a spot at Notre... Read More

Colleen Case

Colleen Case '09

Colleen Case has a story she likes to share during diversity training. She speaks of her first rehearsal with Voices of Faith gospel choir. Coming from what she describes as a culturally sheltered rural community, Case recalls being nervous about the invitation to be in the choir. “I knew... Read More

Elaiine DAmato

Elaine D'Amato '92

From the age of five, Elaine DeBassige D’Amato knew she wanted to go to Notre Dame. “Nobody in my family went there, and I am from a small village in New Mexico, so I have no idea where I came up with this plan,” says D’Amato. When it came... Read More

Katie Washington

Katie Washington '10

2010 valedictorian Katie Washington sees the concept of diversity at Notre Dame as being bigger than just the University. “As global citizens, we have no choice but to interact with people who have different views, values, and backgrounds from us. If we want to be global citizens, capable of... Read More

Michael Wong

Michael Wong '96

  • President, Board of Directors, Notre Dame Alumni Association
  • Past Chairman, Asian-Pacific Alumni of Notre Dame
  • Principal at IBB Consulting Group
  • Respected corporate strategist assisting with the achievement of key strategic goals at clients including AT&T, BellSouth, Comcast, Time Warner Cable
  • B.B.A. degree in Accounting from... Read More