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Notre Dame earns 2024 NCAA diversity and inclusion award


Big change starts small. That, in part, is the hope behind Notre Dame’s Together Irish program, which has served as a redefinition of the athletics department’s commitment to social change via education, engagement and enrichment. The Irish hope that what occurs through the initiative on their campus and the community of South Bend, Indiana, can create ripples of positive change...

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Balancing act: Mechanical engineer aims to make electrically powered prostheses both smart and lightweight

Karla Cruise

Powered prostheses hold promise for improving the lives of people with limb loss. Yet despite recent, rapid development of new designs and materials, current devices are often heavy and uncomfortable. Edgar Bolívar-Nieto, assistant professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, is designing an electrically powered lower-limb prosthesis (wearable robot) with enough computational capability to make...

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ND Founders Profile #148: Motivated by his brother, this founder is commercializing vitally needed sensor technology for heart failure patients

Melanie Lux

RAY FRASER Company Founded: Vital View Technologies, Inc. Year Graduated: 2019 Title: Co-Founder & CEO Degree: MBA  Business Administration & Management Location: Hartford, CT Residence Hall: NA As a small child, Ray Fraser’s worst nightmare was that his older brother Hugh, who had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 13 months, would go to sleep and never wake up...

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Character studies

Notre Dame Magazine

In his latest book, Narcomedia: Latinidad, Popular Culture, and America’s War on Drugs, Jason Ruiz focuses a scholarly lens on one-dimensional depictions of Latinos as the bad guys, kingpins and users in works such as Scarface and Miami Vice, up through more recent series like Narcos and Breaking Bad.

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Assistant professor Tarryn Chun chosen for public intellectuals program focused on US-China relations

Beth Staples

“I think there's a lot of concern in the general public right now about China, especially over issues like military buildup and cyber security,” said Chun. “And that means that those of us who have expertise in China, and Chinese culture, have all the more responsibility to contribute to knowledge and understanding on both sides.”

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