ND Named Top Roman Catholic College

Megan Cahill | March 8, 2017


Students have many options when it comes to choosing a college. Some may want to focus on the school’s strength in academics alone, while others look for a school in a specific location, and some students place a high emphasis on the social scene at the college.

Some students want to be built up spiritually as they learn more about their faith and the many faiths of the world. Students who are interested in attending a school rooted in Roman Catholic traditions may be interested in this list of the 10 best Catholic colleges and universities in the U.S. These schools are devoted to providing a strong education while being rooted in the Roman Catholic faith. Tradition and faith are important to these schools, but they also value diversity and open dialogue. Most of these schools accept and support students of any faith or belief system.

The schools that appear on this list have listed Roman Catholicism as their religious affiliation via the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. These schools are ranked using College Factual’s quality ranking system which is highly focused on outcomes such as loan default rates, graduation rates and average salaries of graduates.

See the list here.

Originally published by Daily Domer Staff at dailydomer.nd.edu on March 08, 2017.