Notre Dame International participates in student orientation, counselor training in Mexico City

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Leah Zimmer, executive director of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSA) at Notre Dame International joined the Mexico Global Center team to participate as a speaker on the topic of international students’ responsibilities while studying at a U.S. college or university. The event took place as part of EducationUSA Mexico City’s Pre-Departure Orientation series.

During Zimmer’s presentation, she addressed topics such as remaining in status as international students, pre and professional practicums under curricular practical training, optional practical training, academic training and STEM extensions, as well as filing taxes and employment. She had previously hosted a similar session, virtually, for the outgoing 2023 Fulbright-García Robles cohort.

Additionally, Zimmer offered a two-hour workshop for high school counselors and educational exchange agencies on “innovations for student success in U.S. colleges and universities.” Through this interactive workshop, she shared best practices from higher education institutions in the U.S. on enhanced student experiences and facilitated a conversation focusing on the following topics:

  • Support services from logistics to wellbeing, safety and security, and academic advising
  • Enhanced communications and integrative/inclusive participation in the community
  • Soft skills development and career oriented experiences for competitiveness and employability

During her time in Mexico City, she engaged in a series of visits and meetings with stakeholders such as the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, the Fulbright Commission (COMEXUS), and Colegio de México (COLMEX) to discuss the opportunities to increase engagement between Notre Dame and Mexican students, faculty and researchers and how NDI can support them in their experiences on campus.

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Originally published by Norma Sofia Rivera Padilla at on July 05, 2023.