Screening Muslims: Working for Peace Through the Media

Film and television can help combat Islamophobia through rich storytelling, members of the Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) team shared during a recent conversation with Mahan Mirza, executive director of the Ansari Institute.

Mirza recently talked with UPF about the organization's work to counter bigotry and create peace through the media. Discussion explored how UPF produces films that tell compelling stories as part of long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing religious and cultural pluralism, especially among Muslims and other faiths. It also delved into UPF's work in Hollywood, which includes consulting on popular series to develop more authentic Muslim characters and storylines.

Joining Mirza for the conversation were Michael Wolfe, co-founder of UPF, Lubna Qureshi, one of UPF's first board members, and UPF executive producer Jawaad Abdul Rahman. Also participating were Sr. Marie Lucey, a Catholic nun from the Greater Philadelphia area, and Dr. Frances Michelle Leap, professor of religious studies at Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania, both of whom reflected on the power of UPF's storytelling to reach audiences. 

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Originally published by Josh Stowe at on May 25, 2021.