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Notre Dame International introduces new virtual series focused on global challenges during pandemic and beyond

Colleen Wilcox

Notre Dame International (NDI) is launching a new series of virtual events dedicated to internationalizing conversations and introducing diverse perspectives. NDI’s Global Roundtable Series will partner with various departments and institutes across campus, as well as feature leaders from partner universities and institutions around the world.

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International economics major combats poverty through researching and implementing microfinance services

Ashley Lo and Carrie Gates

At Notre Dame, senior Emily Pohl found a passion for social change — and put it into action. An international economics major with a concentration in French, Pohl worked to combat the cycle of poverty by researching and implementing microfinance initiatives. She is graduating with a portfolio of real-world research experiences, a published journal article, and a position at LEK Consulting...

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Supreme Court likely to agree with schools in closely watched religious freedom cases, expert predicts

Shannon Roddel

Both “very important” cases involve the First Amendment right of religious institutions, including schools, to select their own leaders, teachers and ministers, and the justices are likely to agree with the schools, according to Notre Dame Law School Professor Richard Garnett, director of the University of Notre Dame’s Program on Church, State & Society.

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Immersed from afar: Canceled study abroad programs got creative to keep students connected

Of Notre Dame students who had to transition to distance learning, the most dramatic change came for those who left their study abroad programs to go home halfway through the semester. Though it sounds difficult, students, faculty and staff found creative ways to maintain their immersion experiences abroad from their living rooms in Illinois, California or Michigan.

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Statement by Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President, University of Notre Dame, on racial justice

Notre Dame News

“George Floyd’s tragic death cries out for justice and a recommitment to fight racism. Recalling the image of Father Hesburgh and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. locked hand-in-hand in 1964, we pray, on this Feast of Pentecost: Come, Holy Spirit, inspire us to work for justice, solidarity and a healing…

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Seniors team up for Hesburgh Program capstone project, researching bipartisan solutions to reducing recidivism

Sophia Lauber

Seniors Kendrick Peterson and Andrew Jarocki are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they brought their perspectives together for research they hope will make an impact on the South Bend community. The pair chose to team up for their Hesburgh Program in Public Service capstone project — searching for a solution to reducing recidivism that Democrats and Republicans...

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Alumna Nikole Hannah-Jones awarded Pulitzer Prize

Dennis Brown

Nikole Hannah-Jones, a 1998 University of Notre Dame alumna and an investigative reporter for The New York Times Magazine, was honored Monday with the Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Hannah-Jones was recognized for her introductory essay to the newspaper’s landmark “1619 Project,” an ongoing and interactive series she created that focuses on the 400th anniversary of when enslaved Africans were first brought...

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Message from Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. -- "We have work to do"


We were all horrified by the video of the terrible killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis as he pleaded with one of them to take his knees off his neck so he could breathe. As heartrending as the video was in itself, it has evoked anger and frustration among the black community—and all people of goodwill—over the...

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Sociology and Latino Studies guide recent grad to Fulbright in Mexico

Oliver Ortega

Since high school, Erin Albertini has been focused on becoming a bilingual doctor serving children and families. But the recent Notre Dame graduate’s path to medicine is uniquely intersectional. Eschewing traditional pre-med majors such as biology and chemistry, Albertini instead took on sociology, Latino studies, Spanish and early childhood literacy during her time at Notre Dame, which culminated this May.

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At a Chicago museum and a South Bend kindergarten, anthropology and Spanish major discovers a future in research and education 

Ashley Lo

Firing a portable X-ray fluorescence scanner at 2,000-year-old artifacts last summer, Claire Stanecki discovered the value of hands-on education. A 2020 graduate who majored in anthropology and Spanish, Stanecki’s Arts and Letters education has been defined by exploring nontraditional forms of learning — from conducting research at a museum to studying the benefits of bilingual education in a local school....

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Through research and teaching, Notre Dame historian and gender studies scholar-in-residence explores how archives shape narratives

Carrie Gates

What Karen Graubart didn’t find in archives in Spain and Peru was, in some ways, as valuable as what she did. An associate professor in the Department of History, Graubart has spent more than 15 years conducting archival research on women and non-dominant communities in the Iberian Empire for her first two books. But she is also considering how the archives themselves...

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